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14th November 2019
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Morocco is an old country. It is located in northwest Africa. It hugs the northwestern corner of the black continent. Its population is about 35,740,000 people. Morocco is diversified with its culture and heritage. That reflects on the Moroccan people.

Morocco is geographically diverse and this diversity extends to its people including the way they live, their culture, languages, and cuisines.

Being one of the Moroccans means being part of this diversified maintains. People of Morocco are part of this diversity.

Morocco has been visited by many major powers in the past years. The latter makes the kingdom of Morocco has a melting pot of cultures and customs. Moreover, this latter was of benefit for the Moroccans. It allowed them to learn how to live with foreigners, learn from them to enrich their culture, and open to others.

Moroccan people are divided into two ethnic groups: the Arabs and the Berbers. The Arabs came to Morocco in the 8th century and conquered most of the coastal regions in Morocco.

For the Berbers, there are four groups ( the Riffians, the Chleuhs, the High Atlas, the Soussi ). Every group has its own dialect and way of life. However they are all Moroccans, but they differ in their culture, lifestyle, language, heritage, and history.

Moroccan people are considered one of the best examples of how people of different backgrounds, ideologies, religions, and cultures can live together in harmony. Moroccan people can live with others without having any problem with their personalities, religion, or anything concerning their personal life.

Moroccan people are very hospitable and friendly.

Hospitality is an essential element of Moroccan people’s values. It is something that is passed from one generation to another throughout history in Morocco. Moroccan people are very known for their strong sense of hospitality and welcoming. They are very nice people.

Moroccan people are tolerant, welcoming, and friendly to foreigners.  They treat others very well, in responding to their tradition, values, and culture. Also, they are very careful about the reputation of their country. That’s why they are working on making their country’s reputation better than before.

Moroccans are friendly, warm, very generous, open-minded, have a strong sense of coexistence, loyal, have strong morals and values.

They are very attached to their identity, but at the same time, they are respectful and open to the rest of the world. They can coexist easily with others and share their happiest moments with them. Moroccan people are very typical. They build relationships thanks to their easy-going character. This goes back to the nature of their personalities, culture, and education.

Morocco is a modern and progressive Islamic nation with amazing welcoming nature. That’s why hospitality is a behavior that has been stigmatized in the Moroccan people and their heritage.

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There are two different types of Moroccans :

The typical Moroccan people: who still live 10 years ago. Despite all the developments, some typical Moroccans still believing in the past days. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are not good, they are very warm, and generous too.

Modern Moroccans: friendly and open-minded.

In Morocco, you can touch the mixture of modernism and traditionalism. People are stick to their culture, values, traditions, and at the same time very open to the world. This latter makes Moroccans unique and different from others.

The uniqueness of Moroccan people shown in the way they live between modernism and traditionalism. Being modernized with respect to their traditions.

At your first contact with Moroccans, you may not feel good about them . They seem intimidating, angry faced, and unapproachable.  In fact, you can be a good friend to any Moroccan easily. It can be just the start of a conversation with someone in the street and ends with inviting you to his or her house to enjoy a homemade Moroccan meal. Being with a Moroccan friend allows you to have unforgettable memories with no doubt.

Testing Moroccan food is as amazing as its people. In this sense,  you have to keep in mind that the Moroccan people eat with their hands. Most of the Moroccans dishes are eaten by hand because they cannot be eaten by spoon or fork. So, instead of using a spoon or fork, Moroccan people use a slice of bread. Also, they do not eat with their left hand, only the right hand is needed.

Furthermore, Moroccan people throughout history have good communication skills and tolerance towards visitors. Actually, two official languages are being spoken in Morocco; the main language is Arabic and a small minority of Moroccans speak  Berber.

Moroccan people do speak many languages besides their official language. Over time, Arabic has become the primary language in Morocco, but still, the Berber language exists.

However, the Moroccan official language is  Arabic and some people in the Atlas Mountains speak the Berber language. For example, if you dig deeper into the mountains you will find people speaking only the Berber language.

Yet, the Moroccans are very good at language learning. They speak French, English, Spanish, Turkish, and so many other languages. That means: you will not have a problem with communication with Moroccan people.

Most of the Moroccans are Muslims. There are the SUNNI Muslims and a small minority are SHIÂ.

In this sense, Concerning religious rituals, Moroccan people are very religious. They care a lot about their religion.

Yet, Moroccan’s religion is a religion of tolerance, respect, and coexistence.

All in all, Moroccan people are well-known all around the world of their generosity, coexistence, simplicity, hospitality, harmony.  You can feel the sweetness and simplicity of life with the Moroccan people.

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if you want to visit Morocco, or if you are planning for a trip, Fell free to surf our Morocco tour packages, or contact us to help you better plan your trip.

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