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Welcome to our local tour operator website Morocco Camel Tours and welcome to Morocco!. Our country is well known for its old medinas with colourful zocos, different landscapes, ancient traditions and tasty gastronomy. What would be Morocco without our tea? But surely you have also heard about barganing in Morocco or the lack of timeless of moroccain people.
  • Welcome to Morocco

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The present excursion will last 2 days. It has as its starting point the famous Marrakech until.
On the first day, we will go to Zagora.

The team meets you at your accommodation in Fes at 7:30 a.m. the departure across the Middle Atlas Mountains. Ifrane is next city to cross.

The second day on this trip will be completely dedicated to visiting Marrakech. We will have a free day to visit a series of places such…

Today we departure from Tangier and we drive through  the Rif mountains and Tetoun city to enjoy the views of the beautiful mountains till we..

In the morning we will have to leave the Hollywood of Morocco in 4 × 4 to Mhamid. We will pass through the Anti-Atlas

Upon your arrival in Tangier, we pick you up and start exploring the city. It is known as “the threshold into Africa”.

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Do you want to get the most of your trip to Morocco? Then you should consider our Morocco Camel Trips. We make sure of providing unforgetable experiences for travellers coming from the four corners of the world. We can speak english, french and spanish so


In our Morocco Camel Tours we will show you the best highlights through our different trips to the Sahara Desert in Morocco. But our mission is also to make you learn and experience our ancient culture.


As berbers, we are proud to be known for our hospitality, this is just our natural way: to take care of every detail during our tours in Morocco. We also enjoy every one of our trips, our clients come as turist and leave as friends. You can check our reviews on tripadvisor.

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Marrakech is the starting point. We drive towards the Ourika valley and the mountain village of Setti Fatma. It is a place whereby you can hike a series..

If you love nature, the waterfalls will undoubtedly be the highlight of the visit. Many people take the opportunity to swim in the river.

Discover the local village, natural landscapes, and the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou fortress on this day trip from Marrakech.

On this day trip from Fes, after breakfast in your Riad/Hotel around 8 AM we will start your day trip toward Chefchaouen

Take your room in Fez at 9:00 in the direction of Volubilis to explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis and spend enough time exploring.

On this day trip, we drive to explore the tiny villages around Erg Chebbi dunes such as Hassi Labied, Merzouga, and Khamlia.


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Welcoome to Morocco

Welcome to Morocco! Morocco or the so called the Moroccan kingdom is an African country, which is located in the north west of Africa. Its population is about 35,740,000 million, and Casablanca is considered as the biggest city in Morocco. The capital city is Rabat, and it is one of the most likable cities in Morocco due to many factors. It is the capital and a touristic city at the same time. Morocco overlooks the Mediterranean sea to the north and the Atlantic ocean to the west.


Morocco is one country of many different cultures and traditions. It almost agreed upon that in Morocco there is a melting pot of cultures and customs. The latter is occurred because of the major powers that have been visited in Morocco throughout history. Now, Morocco has become a modern and progressive Islamic country with a welcoming, and friendly nature to locals and non-locals. Because they get familiar with living with foreigners in the same place, sharing with them the talk, ideas, knowledge, and many other things.


Moroccan culture is very rich and diverse. This diversity makes it a special country with its special culture. Special with its own people, culture,  languages, traditions, and cuisine. This diversity is not limited to one component in Morocco, but it extends to affect many elements in morocco;  its people and the way they live, their culture, languages, and cuisine.


Moroccan people?


Considering the Moroccan people, in Morocco, there are two ethnic groups: The Arabs, and The Berbers. So that when you go to Morocco you will find that most of the Moroccan people have Berber or Arab origin. they are from the same country, but with different origins.


This diversity and difference in people’s origins resulted in different languages and traditions in Morocco. That’s why there are two different languages being spoken in Morocco; Arabic and Amazigh. As well as, the Moroccan Darija which is like the Moroccan standard Arabic. Darija can be understood only by natives because it is very difficult for you to grasp the meaning if you are not a native.


Also, you may be shocked by the different dialects in Morocco. Moroccans have many different dialects within the same language besides the Darija.


What about religion?


For Religion, most Moroccans are Muslims, and they follow the principles of Islam. The latter does not mean that you have to dress a certain way or do some rituals, yet you have to respect and be tolerant as the Moroccans do. It is very known that Moroccans are very open-minded, and warm. They accept people from all religions, backgrounds, skins, and ethnicities.


Moroccans in this sense are very hospitable. Hospitality is considered one of the most important elements of Moroccan’s people culture and religion. It is not essential for Moroccans to know you well to help you, but they help all people in need. Without knowing their origins, religion, and sometimes language because Moroccans are very skilled in language learning. Be calm you will not find a difficulty in communication in Moroccan. Just ask for help, and they will help you.


The Moroccan cuisine:


Moroccan cuisine is very diverse as its people and culture. It is worldwide known that Moroccan cuisine is one of the best and tasteful cuisines in the world since it is a mixture of different cuisines. Moroccans use spices too much, and they know how to mix them to get the taste they want. If you go to Morocco taste the country’s food is a must because it is something irresistible. In another way, there are some delicious meals that you have to try with no doubts when you go to Morocco:


  • – MAAKOUDA (A Potato Pancake)


What about currency?


The Moroccan local currency is the Moroccan dirham ( MAD) . It is very recommended to change your currency to Moroccan dirham because most Moroccans do not accept foreign currencies. There are some shops and other places that they do not even accept credit cards, so keep in mind to change your currency, and keep coins with you wherever you go. For example, in a taxi, you will need Cash (MAD)  money.


So what’s the weather like in Morocco?


You may be afraid of what kind of weather is in Morocco. It is very important to know what kind of weather is alike where you want to travel. So, you feel more comfortable and decline the pressure.   I just  Want to say to you do not be afraid, Morocco’s weather is diverse too. Sometimes it may rain in one place and hot in another, but it is very suitable for all people by all means. For example, in the north ( Saharan cities ) there is very hot weather, as opposed to that weather in the west or the east.

And once again, we tell you: welcome to Morocco!

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