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What is so fascinating about camel tours in the Moroccan Sahara?
8th January 2020
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11th March 2020
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Merzouga is a small village in the Moroccan southeast, in the middle of the Moroccan Desert. The town by itself is probably nothing exceptional. Other than having some fascinating architectures that take you back to the ancient eras of Morocco and also some very good hotels this town is not much. However, we are not saying this to give you the impression that this place is a boring one. The true identity of Merzouga is hidden in the Erg Chebbi desert dunes and all the wonderful things you can find there.

Imagine for example spending a night in a fancy hotel then the next morning you’re riding a camel, and in the evening you’re listening to Moroccan Desert Music while looking at the stars.

All of these, and more are experiences that you can have in the amazing Merzouga Desert.

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Desert Dunes.

One could say that the desert dunes are the most important element in Merzouga Desert as the majority would agree. Erg Chebbi dunes are the perfect example of what a desert has to look like, and the best access spot and the closest to these dunes is Merzouga.

When we talk about Erg Chebbi Dunes, we are talking about the scenery of golden grains of sand that form  in very huge piles sometimes. Climbing up is really a challenge. Another beautiful thing about desert dunes is that you can see the wind move them slowly, and what was a very high dune this day may become flat tomorrow.

The heat is really something, it a desert after all. However, at night a campfire is sometimes something necessary, because it gets really cold.


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Desert camps and tents.

Usually when you get to Merzouga Desert you can find there in the middle of the desert some camps and traditional tents that wait for visitors to come. These camps have all sorts of activities that make you feel like a traveller from ancient times. However, all the requirements of comfort are met there. So no worries about anything difficult happening.


Merzouga Desert is  the natural habitat for many creatures. The visitors who are curious about what sort of wildlife they could find there, must set some time for exploration hoping to see as many different species of these desert animals as possible.

Aside from the most obvious choices of animals, like camels or lizards, there are some other animals that consider the desert their home. the list of animals that you can spot there includes; desert Foxes, snakes, porcupines, desert sparrows and hawks. Other animals like flamingos and some other types of birds visit their only in certain seasons.

Camel trekking.

The first thing you see when you look for Merzouga go on the internet is perhaps people riding camels throughout the desert. This image has become symbolic of the place. Visiting Merzouga is not complete if you haven’t had the experience of camel trekking. There plenty of camel owners in Merzouga Desert who can help everyone who wants to take a ride on the back of a camel and experience for a little while how people used to travel throughout the desert in ancient times and even still now in some places.


Camel trek in the Merzouga desert for those who want to experience the Sahara desert for a camel ride.


Morocco is one of the fewest countries that still have nomads. A nomad is a person who always travels along with their families, relatives and also cattle to look for a good place for their animals can eat. They live in tents that are made from the hairs of goats. Their simplistic lifestyle is something special that you can discover by meeting them. Each member of the family has a role that they have to perform for the better survival of the whole family.

You can find nomads in your trip to Merzouga Desert, and you can even drop by. These people will most likely welcome you with a cup of tea and serve you some desert food.

Desert music.

Merzouga Desert is the home for many musicians who play Gnawa music and traditional drum music.They often hang around in a circle around the campfire and play their the way up to ecstasy on drums and other traditional instruments. while the others including the visitors not engaged and dancing. these Gnawa night says the Moroccan calle them are one of the most interesting things about Merzouga Desert. They add a whole new dimension of artistic mysticism to the desert.

Hotels and Kasbahs.

In Merzouga Desert you can find many fancy hotels and restaurants that have these beautiful architectures that give you the impression that you are in an ancient era. However, the old ambiance that the architecture suggests is enhanced by the most prestigious and high-quality services. There are bars with expert bartenders who can prepare very good cocktails. There’s also spa, swimming pools, parties and many more interesting stuff.

Merzouga Desert is really the perfect example of a desert that is so full of experiences and diversity. For people from Europe or other parts of the world where there’s no desert Merzouga Desert is what they should look for if they want to experience the desert.

If you have visited Merzouga Desert before please share with us your experience in the comments below. And if you haven’t, you can contact our services for more info about Merzouga Desert to help you decide if you want to go there.


Explore Morocco Merzouga desert Like You Never Did Before.

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