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14th November 2019
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Merzouga Desert experience is the perfect desert experience.
10th February 2020
morocco-camel-tours in the Moroccan sahara desert near merzouga

One never fails to think of Morocco as a place of wonders and exotic attractions. This reputation does not come out of the blue…there are certainly lots of reasons why Morocco would make you say ‘so it is true!’.  You may have seen one of those postcards with the sunset and camels traveling across sand dunes, it’s no wonder if you found out most of those pictures were taken in the Moroccan Sahara of Merzouga desert. If you should feel you want to see it for yourself, maybe you better expect to actually ride a camel and feel the satisfying heat of the Sahara as you travel in the ‘camel’s pace’ and let your body sway with it. In Morocco, there is a lot more to the desert than just sand. Here are a few things you would certainly enjoy.


Camel trek in the Merzouga desert for those who want to experience the Sahara desert for a camel ride.

For starters, you may want to take a closer look at the most famous being in the Sahara, the camel. Famous for strength and endurance, the camel will inspire you and excite you, it will lift up your soul and give you the confidence to dare roam the desert and see how far it stretches.  

Camel treks are mostly organized in groups, caravans! As you travel along, you lose track of time, and at times, of place too…a most enjoyable sensation. You need not worry, all trips are supervised by experienced local guides. The fun does not just stop here! Making a stop at a Berber tent would only entice you into more adventures as you become more and more curious to see what is beyond the majestic dunes. You will get the chance to feel stronger vibes of the Sahara as you treat yourself to a cup of Moroccan Sahara tea around the campfire and underneath the glossy sky ornamented with stars that shine bright all through the night. The camel trek may take you to witness one of the most amazing and breath-taking wonders of the Sahara, the oasis! It is a gem amidst the golden dunes. 

You can explore seldom discovered places and meet people who lead the most different lives. You will hear their languages, their stories, and their exotic music, and by the time you get ready to continue your journey, you will feel like one of these people, a nomad, and you will start connecting stronger with the desert and by the end of the day, you will have had some stories of your own to tell and to remember.  You may want to lie down on the sand, sink your feet deeper in its warmth, you may even be offered a sand bath which is one of the most attractive perks of the Moroccan Sahara desert. 

You will experience relaxation and incredible moments of perfect silence that will put your mind and body in a state of inner peace and joy. You may start noticing that it can only take you a couple of hours underneath the Sahara sunlight to get a nice natural tan that you can take home with you as a souvenir. Of course, you would take with you a lot more… Say lots of photographs that may surprise your skill in taking pictures thanks to perfect lighting and composition in the Sahara landscape.

Camel trekking in Morocco not only gives you the chance to meet local people but also people from other parts of the globe, who may share the same interests and with whom you can experience the desert life and find company during the surreal moonlit nights. Camel trekking in Morocco could be a cleansing and illuminating experience, it takes you away from the chaos of city life to the simplicity and soulfulness of the desert, emptying your mind and refreshing your spirits. It is no wonder that the coming together of people with mother nature in its virgin forms can have healing powers. Let yourself get trapped in this atmosphere and it will free your soul and give you everlasting memories.

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