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What you should know about the Moroccan people
31st October 2019
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What is so fascinating about camel tours in the Moroccan Sahara?
8th January 2020
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If you need reasons to visit Morocco, then this country offers a lot of possibilities of vacations. you can go for your honeymoon vacation, family vacation, or a group vacation with your friends, this north African country is a must-visit at least once in your life.

Here are 11 different reasons to visit Morocco:

1.     The warm hospitality

Moroccans are genuinely hospital and welcoming to their guests, They love and accept foreigners as they are and make sure they are comfortable and nothing messes them, it’s so obvious in their big smiles when they salute you, the warm long handshake, and so many other aspects, this is because they have hospitality incrusted in their culture and everyday life.

Shop owners will serve you tea, if you strike up a conversation with the locals, or ask them for hints, they will invite you to their houses, they are social and are not afraid of giving you their time or sharing with you their food

It’s definitely an experience that will mark you, and amaze you and make you want to come back for another vacation.

2.     Steam baths hammams

Having a traditional hammam is one of the many reasons to visit Morocco, a hammam is a steam bath there is two types of the hammam, the traditional one where you can pay less than 2 dollars to enter and another type the touristic one which is slightly pricier, if you choose one or the other you’ll get a time of chill comfort and relaxation, afterwards, your skin will be so souple and all the dead skin gone; and your body will be toxin-free as you get the toxins out of your body with steams

3.    Trekking and hiking


The High Atlas Mountains offers the best opportunity to hike such as the highest mountain in the country and North Africa Mount Toubkal or simply spend the day in the splendid view by yourself wandering in the high summit enjoying the panoramic view or drinking tea at the local Amazigh village with  the locals to observe their simple low-key life, don’t forget to include it in your to-do list of our vacation in Morocco


4.     Beaches

Two coasts, the Mediterranean on the north and the Atlantic Ocean in the west coast, Morocco have a lot of beaches that are worth seeing, if you are a fun of surfing for example then there is the Dakhla Beach and Sidi Kaouki Beach near Essaouira, Taghazout if you like relaxing by the beach, or Lagzira beach if you like the mixture between sand, mountains, and water, also in the north there is Elhouceima beach and Belyounech Beach.

Visit Morocco

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5.     Medinas or the old cities:

if you had never visited old cities before, then the medinas of Morocco will amaze you, they are literally mazes, so big, but the street is so narrow and can get crowded during the rush hours if you feel that you are going to be overwhelmed then hire a local guide to help you do some of the medinas of the main streets and things you need to visit.

6.     Food:

The Moroccan cuisine is very rich, it includes many spices, and a mixture between salt and sweet in the same dish, Moroccan cuisine includes, Couscous, Tajine, Pastilla, and a numerous others dishes, also Morocco was ranked the 2nd best destination for food lovers according to The Worldsim travel Blog, it is definitely a reason to book a vacation in Morocco to taste this amazing gastronomy from the hands of Moroccans chefs or street cooks in Morocco.

7.     Shopping:


Morocco is well known by its traditional goods, such as leather, rugs, blankets, and ceramics handmade from décor to everyday dishes , and also herbs from a multitude of types, different spices, or argan oil or the liquid gold as some people like to call it, all those goodies with a good price, go on a day shopping in the souks and don’t forget to bargain with the shop owner as they can make you good offers so that you will visit them again if you ever come back to Morocco in another vacation.

8.     Unusual experiences

by visiting Morocco, you’ll probably  never experienced so many unusual things such as donkeys climbing the mountains, snakes dancing in Jamaa el-fanaa, or also the small streets and the vibrant color of it cities

9.     Entertainment

another reason to visit Morocco is that there is always something going on in it, it has so many festivals and events that might interest you, in Essaouira there is for example there festival Gnaoua , in Rabat there is Mawazine, as well as an art gallery, traditional crafts  is an amazing way to discover the mixed heritage of a north African  country from French and Spanish colonization but with Arab and Amazigh ancestors

10.     Imperial architecture

The Moroccan architecture is definitely a unique one, and it’s clear wherever you go, but if you want to see it in a bigger dose, then you can visit old palaces like Bahia Palace in Marrakech, Hassan 2 mosque in Casablanca, and Elbatha museum in Rabat

1.     Hotels

Hotels generally are very cheap, and there is always special offers, another way you can stay in morocco, is in riad, which is a traditional house with two floors or less and gardens in interior like a hotel but smaller, cozier, and richer of culture because riad were a place of living and some families still live in them until now

Tours in Morocco

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